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​Kollmorgen produces industrial products that can be found in a number of industries including robotics, aerospace, national defense and medical. Our 20 year relationship with Kollmogen has helped us refine our in-house testing facilities for the brand, allowing us to address a wide variety of issues such as faulty resolvers, encoders, brake assemblies and force ventilated fans.

Kollmorgen Servo Motor Repair:

Our Kollmorgen servo motor repair work extends to a variety of models such as the AKM2G, AKM, Goldline and EKM family range.

Our team will evaluate your Kollmorgen servo motor using our dedicated test bench and provide you with a comprehensive summary of any issues identified.

Kollmorgen servo motors can also be supplied with their own resolvers, encoders, brake assemblies and force ventilated fans which our team are fully equipped to repair.
Our Kollmorgen motor repair service normally takes between 4 - 5 days, faster turnarounds of less than 24 hours can often be made available for business critical situations.

Alpha Electrics has always been focussed on exceptional customer service which is why we offer our 1-Year Warranty on all servo motor and drive repairs.

If our team can not carry out a repair, a suitable replacement can be sourced for a very competitive price through our global procurement network.

Kollmorgen AC & DC Synchronous Motor Repair:

Both our AC and DC synchronous motor repair service extends to a wide variety of Kollmorgen models including the ST/SN, KS & SS Series, the Hazardous Duty Synchronous Motor and Explosion Proof Series.

We also specialise in the repair of the signature Kollmorgen Goldline EB Series, a range of motors that feature interior magnets that deliver impressive torque and power density ratios, popular within their field.

Our dedicated Kollmorgen testing bench focuses on a variety of common problem areas such as damaged coils, rotor balancing and misalignment issues.

Kollmorgen AC Spindle Motor Repair:

Our Kollmorgen spindle motor repair service covers the wide ranging S300-S700 models.

The initial inspection of your faulty Kollmorgen spindle motor is completed with both open and closed loop formats, horizontal or vertically mounted models covered. Our state of the art Kollmorgen testing hub sources the full electronic nameplate data for spindle motors, providing customers with a comprehensive diagnosis, report and repair plan.

Whether your spindle motor is facing balancing issues from excessive load, faulty electrical components or worn mechanical parts, our Kollmorgen trained team is well equipped to repair a wide variety of issues.

Kollmorgen AC Servo Drive Repair:

Whether you have a fault relating to a Kollmorgen AKD2G, AKD, S700, S300, or S200 series servo drive, our team guarantees a swift and professional repair service.

Once we have understood the fault with your servo drive, our engineers check the integrity of cables, power supplies and electrical circuitry. Common faults include damage from moisture and damp, contaminant build ups and switch breakages.

Our ever growing repair hub and concise procurement network means our engineers have the tools at their disposal to fix the most complex drive faults.

We understand how detrimental a faulty servo drive can be to the running of a business, so we can accommodate for turnarounds for less than 24 hours in business critical situations.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs