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Motor Repair
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Alpha Electrics has enjoyed over 20 years of working directly with Lenze as a trusted partner. Noted within industry for high end, reliable products, Lenze specialise in fields such as packaging to pharmaceuticals. At Alpha Electrics we’re constantly evolving our testing hub alongside the rate of technological development of the Lenze brand itself.

Lenze Servo Motor Repair:

Our dedicated Lenze testing hub can resolve all types of servo drive faults, whether synchronous or asynchronous. We can increase the lifespan of your Lenze servo motor significantly by replacing your supporting brake assembly, resolver or encoder depending on the issue.

Whether it’s excessive electrical overloads, tripped circuitry, or damaged fuses, our repair team is trained specifically with Lenze products in addressing a wide variety of problems.

The Alpha Electrics Quality Management System (QMS) allows our Lenze testing facilities to keep improving with each repair.

Lenze AC/DC Motor Repair:

Our Lenze AC/DC Motor repair work covers the majority of Lenze motor ranges. Our AC motor repair can include the M500, M500+8400 Motec, MF+8400 Motec and MF models. Our DC repairs can include the IP54/55, IP23/43 and the IPR44 models.

Upon receiving your Lenze AC/DC Motor, we investigate the issue by utilising our Lenze mechanical and electrical testing hub. We create a repair report outlining the issues and proposed solution, commencing all repairs as soon as confirmed.

The average turnaround repair time for a Lenze AC/DC motor is 4 - 5 working days. We do however offer a faster service for critical motors within a 2 - 3 hour timeframe. Once repaired we will put all aspects of your Lenze motor to the test, ensuring it is fully operational before being returned.

Lenze Gearbox Repairs:

Lenze gearboxes are noted for their high quality and are found in industries such as conveyor systems for sorting houses, distribution centres, agriculture, construction, mining and precision engineering. Our repair work extends to all models including the G500-H/S/B, G7X0-P/B, G8X0-P, G7X0-B and G8X0-B.

From seized or locked up gearboxes to those with worn out mechanical parts or gear wheels, our Lenze trained engineers are more than capable to address the issue.

Once your repair is complete, we then put your gearbox to the test on our dedicated workbench making sure it aligns with the manufacturers original specifications before being returned to you for reinstallation.

Lenze Servo Drive Repair:

Our Lenze servo drive repair work extends to all models including the Lenze 8400 Topline, 9400, i700 and i950. Our team has 20 years of experience repairing Lenze servo drives and can provide a number of options to bring your system back to a working state.

Once we have understood the fault with your servo drive, our engineers check things like cables, power supplies and electrical circuitry. Common faults include damage from moisture and damp, contaminant build ups and switch breakages.

Our servo drive repair service typically takes between 4-5 days, faster turnarounds of less than 24hours can often be made available for business critical situations.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs