Frameless Torque Motor

Leroy-Somer’s frameless torque motors consist of a separate rotor and stator which are assembled directly inside the machine. The result is a compact, fully-integrated motor with improved dynamic performance.

The rotor and stator can be modified to match your machine and the motor winding can be customized to adapt the motor speed to the application. Various encoder solutions, solid and hollow shafts are available to ensure the rotor speed and motor position.


Direct Drive Technology

  • High torque with low speed for maximum precision
  • Increased motor stiffness for dynamic operation
  • Short motor lengths
  • Less vibration for quiet operation
  • Increased efficiency
  • No need for mechanical transmission elements (gearboxes etc)

Machine-integrated assembly

  • Ultimate compactness
  • Reduced vibration, noise and inertia
  • Increased lifespan

Range of options for customization

  • Customized rotor and stator for perfect machine fit
  • Customized motor winding for speed adjustment
  • Choice of encoders and sensors

Main Characteristics

Ingress protectionIP65
Stall TorqueN.m20 to 35
Peak TorqueN.m60 to 105
Max speedrpm1500
Stator Sizemm111 / 136 / 158 /188
Motor lengthmm122 to 182