Linear & Rotary
Encored Repairs

After developing the world renowned Spherosyn™ linear encoder in 1973, Newall became a world leader in digital readout systems and linear feedback encoders, earning the cherished IP67 rating. Over 85% of Newall’s products are exported, with distribution and service outlets in over 63 countries. Newall’s products are heavily used in CNC Machining such as laser cutting.

Alpha Electrics have spent over 20 years supplying and repairing Newall products, supporting both repairs and part sourcing for our customers with impressive turnaround times, typically providing better value for money than outright replacements. 

With a unique ability to set up specialist environments for encoder and readout testing, Alpha Electrics is best placed in repairing almost every Newall encoder.

​Newall Linear & Rotary Encoder Repairs:

At Alpha Electrics, we have the ability to test and repair the vast majority of Newall products including:
- DRO Encoders
- Absolute Encoders for Feedback for CNC/PLC
- Incremental Feedback Encoders for CNC/PLC
- SHG Range
- MHG Range
- SPB Range

Due to the sensitive design and construction of digital readout systems and encoders, relatively small issues can cause large problems. Some of these issues can include solid particulate or liquid contamination, glass damage, mechanical bearing overload, and signal output failure.

Our first step in the repair process is to receive your encoder or Digital Readout System for inspection at our UK workshop. Once we have a clear picture of the exact issues, we will provide a quotation with a proposed repair plan.

With an increasing stock of encoder spare parts, Alpha Electrics can typically offer a much more efficient and economical repair plan versus outright purchase.

All repairs can be carried out within a 4 - 5 day timeframe. For business critical situations, we have options available to fast track repair to 2 - 3 hours.
For added reassurance, we provide you with a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs