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A global business founded in Switzerland, NUM specialises in a wide variety of industrial solutions, predominantly focussing on CNC controls, panels and drives. Alpha Electrics have a specialist electric and mechanical testing centre at our headquarters based in Leicester, which can be specifically enabled to analyse NUM products.

Focussing on both single and multiturn NUM encoder types, our system allows us to scan your motor’s electronic nameplate to ascertain the exact requirements needed for repair. If your motor’s nameplate is corrupted, the team at Alpha Electrics can reprogram the encoder’s electronic nameplate, a process that allows us to guarantee the accuracy and success of our repair.

Looking to repair your NUM motor or drive?

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs
NUM Spindle Motor Repair:

NUM spindle motors are noted for their high quality and robust design, with a long established reputation for reliability. Our NUM spindle motor repair service covers ranges such as the AMS, IM, AMR, MSA and MSS models.

Our team analyse your faulty NUM motor with our specialist testing facility which allows us to identify the exact areas of fault.

Whether your motor is suffering from balancing issues, excessive load speeds, damaged componentry, winding and sensor failures or faulty internal parts, our NUM trained team can quickly conduct your repair in-house.

Once repaired, your spindle motor is tested and returned to you for reinstallation. The repair of your NUM motor is completed in around 4 - 5 days, with priority options available for business critical situations.

NUM Servo Motor Repair:

NUM boasts of a large range of high power and high performing servo motors, including the BHX, BPH, BPG, BPL and BHL five series.

Upon receipt of your faulty servo motor, our team will conduct a thorough inspection, providing you with a full and complete summary of any issues found. If you are happy with the repair quotation, our team can typically complete a repair within 4 - 5 business days.

If your motor is beyond repair, our team can often quickly source a replacement part for you through our procurement network at a competitive price.

Whether it is precision engineering, manufacturing for the automotive, aerospace or military industries, our proven track record of servo motor repairs can reduce our customers’ downtime by up to 50%. Our close working relationship with NUM means that we can supply new spare parts such as resolvers, encoders and brake assemblies.

NUM Servo Drive Repair:

Whether you have a fault relating to an NUMDrive C or NUMDrive X, Alpha Electrics can guarantee a swift and efficient repair service. A faulty servo drive can be very detrimental to e running of a business, which is why our team have priority turnaround options available for businesses in critical situations.

Once we have understood the fault with your servo drive, our engineers check things like cables, power supplies and electrical circuitry. Common faults include damage from moisture and damp ingress, contaminant build ups and switch breakages.

Our direct working relationship with NUM means that sourcing spare parts is quick and efficient. With each repair, our 1-Year guarantee ensures that should you, on the rare occasion, find a fault relating to a procedure we have carried out, our team will correct the issue free of charge.