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As a leading manufacturer of electric motors since 1949, Oemer has a reputation for quality that precedes them. Industries currently using Oemer technology range from the domestic power and transmission industries through to the automotive sector.

Oemer specialise in producing high torque, low speed applications used in industries requiring sensitivity to delicate materials such as paper manufacturing. With a broad global reach and wide ranging industrial applications, Alpha Electrics have enjoyed a fruitful 10 year relationship with Oemer. With long lead times of 8 – 10 weeks for a new Oemer motor, Alpha Electrics can offer full repairs typically between only 7 – 10 days.

Alpha Electrics have a comprehensive testing facility geared at repairing a variety of issues, with specific testing facilities for Oemer resolvers.

Oemer Servo Motor Repair:

Oemer produces a large range of servo motors including the QCAVS and QLS range.
They come with resolvers, encoders, brake assemblies and/or force vent fan units. Alpha has dedicated Oermer resolver testing facilities. As soon as we receive your faulty servo motor, our team gives it a thorough inspection, providing you with a full and complete summary of any problems discovered. If you are happy with the repair quotation, our team can typically complete a repair within 4 - 5 business days.

If your motor is beyond repair, our team can often quickly source a replacement part for you through our procurement network at a competitive price. Whatever application you require from your Oemer servo motor, our proven servo repair track record can reduce customers downtime by up to 50%. Our close working relationship with Oemer means that we can supply new spare parts such as resolvers, encoders and brake assemblies.

Alpha Electrics can also support with Oemer servo drive repairs, please contact us for more information.

Oemer AC Motor Repair:

Our AC Motor repair work covers the majority of Oemer motor ranges. Once we have received your Oemer AC Motor, we conduct a thorough inspection and quotations outlining the faults we have found, along with proposed solutions and costings.

Typical issues can range from the motor being clogged with dust and dirt, moisture ingress, overheating and incorrect storage.

Our engineers are thorough and efficient, capable of repairing a wide range of Oemer motors. However, if a repair is not possible, Alpha Electrics will suggest a like-for-like replacement.

The average turnaround time for an Oemer motor is around 4 - 5 working days. Our fast track system for critical motors can be within a 2 - 3 hour period. Post repair, we put all aspects of your Oemer motor to the test, ensuring it is fully operational before being returned to you for reinstallation.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs