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Flat Motors & Circular Saw Motor Repairs

Perske has been leading the production and manufacturing of specialised electric motors in the capital goods, food, chemical, and technology industry for more than 60 years.

At Alpha Electrics, we have a specialist electrical and mechanical testing facility, which is ideal for finding and repairing all kinds of faults with your Perske motor. Repairing a Perske motor can often be quicker and more cost effective than purchasing a new model, due to current manufacturing lead times.

Perske Spindle Motor Repair:

Our Perske spindle motor repair service includes VS, KNO, KNS, KRS, and the KRSV series. These Perske motors are commonly used on 3 axis and 5 axis CNC milling router machinery.

Our team analyse your faulty spindle motor using our state of the art mechanical and electrical testing facility, which allows us to identify the exact areas of fault.

Whether your motor is experiencing balancing issues from excessive RPM’s, degraded electrical componentry, winding and sensor failures or damaged internal parts, our Perske trained team are well equipped to quickly conduct your repair in-house.

Once repaired, your spindle motor is then thoroughly tested and returned to you for reinstallation.

The repair of your Perske high frequency motor is typically completed in around 4 - 5 days and priority turnaround is available for business critical situations.

Perske Flat Motors & Circular Saw Motors Repair:

Alpha Electrics cover a wide range of flat motor and circular saw motor repairs, ranging from the Perske K, KC and KN models.

Upon receiving your faulty motor for inspection, our Perske trained engineers make a full electrical and mechanical analysis, generating a detailed report of the exact faults and then providing a quotation.

Flat and circular saw motors often encounter issues with usage overloads, jammed or seized parts, overheating, worn mechanical parts and/or overloaded brakes. In these cases, our team are well equipped to conduct your repair, typically within 4 - 5 days and will then return your motor promptly for reinstallation

In the instance your motor is beyond repair, our Perske sourcing service allows for a cost effective like-for-like replacement with a quick turnaround.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs