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Procon drum motors have the unique feature that there is NO OIL in them. The steel transmission is lubricated with a high-quality grease.
Alpha Electrics have a wealth of experience in repairing Procon motors for our customers across many industries.

​Procon Drum Motor Repair Services:

At Alpha Electrics, our team have extensive experience in repairing Procon drum motors. If you are seeing defects or faults innyour existing motor, please get in touch here and we will be glad to discuss a diagnosis and repair. We can also support with sourcing Procon motors for new applications or for existing applications with motors that are beyond repair.

​About Procon Motors

Procon drum motors are very popular in the food industry due to their sleek and smooth appearance. There are no holes in which dirt can accumulate and this prevents bacterial residue build-up. Thorough cleaning is very easy. Procon X-series drum motors The Procon X-series drum motors have a unique drive and sealing concept. Leakage? Thanks to the new seal, the Procon drum motor offers reliable and durable protection against leakage. In addition, Procon ensures optimal lubrication through a revolutionary construction of the gear transmission. All Procon drum motors are also maintenance-free.

Procon: decisive & reliable

The progressive design also has the advantage that disassembly is very quick and easy, so that service can be carried out quickly and cheaply. Even if the drum is lined. In addition, the dimensions have been chosen in such a way that they are interchangeable with most other manufacturers. Procon is a small, decisive organization with short and reliable delivery times.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs