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Alpha Electrics has enjoyed over 20 years working with Rossi, a world renowned brand and a leading provider of the best high torque, low speed gearboxes and components manufactured to a very high standard.

Rossi products are found in a variety of industries, spanning plastic and rubber, material handling, power generation, mining, marine construction, and oil and gas.

With our specialist in-house testing facility, repair is typically faster and more economically viable than sourcing a new Rossi gearbox.

​Rossi Gearbox Repairs:

Alpha Electrics repair a vast array of Rossi gearboxes including Worm and Coaxial, Worm standard fit, Helical, Bevel and Planetary. Our repair service also extends to a vast array of specific models including the G, GX, H and EP gear unit range, and the A, AS and ES Gearmotor range to name but a few.

Faulty gearboxes often encounter issues ranging from dried out lubrication oil, worn out bearings, seizing and lock ups, or worn out gear wheels. Whatever the issue, Alpha Electrics have a specialised team trained in repairing any Rossi gearbox.

The repair process begins with a thorough inspection at our premises in Leicester, UK which will involve testing and examination to outline the exact faults. We will then provide a quotation for any replacement parts and repairs.

The average turnaround time for a Rossi gearbox repair is around 4 - 5 working days. For business critical situations, our fast track system can often repair your gearbox within a 2 - 3 hour period.

Our 1-year guarantee on all Alpha Electrics repairs reassures you in the work we carry out and if a fault relating to our repair emerges, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

If a new gearbox is required, our procurement network can source and deliver a new model for you in approximately 6 weeks.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs