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SEM has established itself as a world-leading manufacturer of servo motors and asynchronous spindle motors with over 100 years in the industry. SEM are heavily focused on the machine tool industry providing servo motors, spindle motors and drives for precision CNC machinery.

Alpha Electrics have enjoyed over 20 years of repairing SEM products utilising our state of the art testing area and a team of trained engineers.

SEM products are often utilised cross-industry by solution providers, integrators and large OEM customers all across the globe.

SEM Servo Motor Repairs:

SEM servo motors are highly favoured within the industry and can be found in motion control applications such as machine tools, robots, printing, packaging and process equipment where accurate control and positioning are required.

Our repair service for SEM servo motors spans to the HD and HR range and covers a variety of common issues such as low outputs, loose magnets, failures, brake failures, damaged windings and worn-out brush holders and insulation tubes. Most SEM servo motors can be supported with brake assemblies, resolvers, force vent fans and encoders.

Initially our team start with a thorough audit of your servo motor, typically within 2 hours of receipt which outlines the exact issues and how we intend to fix them.

The turnaround time for an SEM motor repair is between 4 - 5 working days with the option of fast-tracking for business-critical scenarios in as little as 2 - 3 hours. Additionally, we provide you with a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

If your servo motor is beyond repair, our team can quickly source a replacement through our procurement network at a competitive speed and price.

​SEM DC Motor Repairs:

Our DC motor repair service can be applied to a variety of SEM DC motor models including the MT and the DBMT range.

SEM DC motors are known for their precision capabilities which is why they can be found in precision CNC applications such as 3D printers, routers, drilling, laser cutting and milling machines.

Our team of trained engineers can repair a wide range of common SEM DC motor issues including winding insulation breakdowns, bearing wear, component dislodging, and inappropriate loading values.
Typically within 2 hours of receiving your faulty DC Motor, our team inspect it and can carry out an onsite audit to identify the root cause of the issues you are experiencing. We then create a quote for you along with a detailed proposal of how we intend to carry out any repairs complete with an estimated timescale.

The turnaround time for a SEM DC motor is between 4 - 5 working days. Our fast track option for critical business situations can on occasion achieve this in just 2 - 3 hours. We will also provide you with a report and a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

The Alpha Electrics procurement network gives us access to a wide variety of replacement models and parts at a competitive rate if your DC motor is beyond repair.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs