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From the food industry to distribution and packaging, SEW Eurodrive products have wide industrial application. Our long-standing direct relationship means we’re able to source spares and parts quickly and efficiently and our bespoke SEW Eurodrive test rig at our Leicester based headquarters is set up for a wide variety of repair work.

SEW Eurodrive Servo Motor Repair:

Our servo motor repair work is carried out at our workshop and can support both CMP servo and synchronous servo motors.

Our initial inspection process allows us to pinpoint the exact areas of fault in your SEW Eurodrive servo motor. Our team then provide a detailed report and quotation for repair. Upon approval our engineers address these issues which can range from overheating, overcurrent and electrical surges, moisture and damp ingress and vibration induced damage, such as loosening or cracking of parts.

We complete over 1000 servo motor repairs yearly and regularly receive outstanding feedback from our loyal customers.

If a repair is not feasible or cost-effective, our team can offer a competitive service exchange or replacement option as an alternative.

SEW Eurodrive AC/DC Motor Repair:

SEW Eurodrive manufacture AC/DC Motors used in pumps, water heaters, lawn and garden equipment, ovens, and off-road motorised equipment. Model types included in our work are primarily the linear and gearbox models.

Once your faulty AC/DC motor is with our team, we undertake a thorough analysis. This includes a range of electrical and mechanical tests where we then produce a repair report outlining the fault, the repair required, cost and delivery time. Our team are experienced in addressing every kind of AC Motor problem including overheating, corrosion, physical damage and deterioration of the windings insulation.

Turnaround time for a repaired SEW Eurodrive AC/DC motor is around 4–5 working days, with a faster service available for critical motors. These can often be completed within 2–3 hours of receiving the motor.

All motors are tested on our dedicated SEW Eurodrive workbench to ensure your motor is fully function before being returned back to you for installation.

SEW Eurodrive Gearbox Repair:

We include a wide variety of SEW Gearbox models in our repair work including the MC and ML Helical Series, the Parallel Shaft, Helical Bevel and Helical Worm models.

An SEW Eurodrive gearbox is commonly supplied with a matching motor and can be found in many industries including distribution, storage, agriculture, construction, mining, food processing and engineering.

Initially we take the model or nameplate of your SEW Eurodrive gearbox, giving us better understanding of it’s configuration. Our process then starts with an inspection to unearth the root cause behind the issues you are facing. If a repair is possible, our team get to work and can cover issues such as dried out lubrication, worn out bearings, seizing up of internal parts and excessive load strains.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs