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Siemens products are utilised by a vast range of industries such as construction, energy,
finance, healthcare, industrial automation and mobility. With their motors, drives and renowned Simotics range, Siemens’ reputation for precision engineering and innovation precedes them.

Siemens AC Servo Motor Repair:

Whether it’s the Sinamics, Simodrive, Simoreg or Simatic range, Alpha Electrics has access to all Siemens OEM specifications for both analysis and repair. This makes the sourcing and repair phase for your faulty servo motor quicker and more efficient.

With both our Siemens trained engineers and our dedicated Siemens testing rig, Alpha Electrics are well equipped to detect the exact faults with your servo motor. After a quote has been issued and approved we will conduct your repair, replacing faulty parts and ensuring your servo motor is cleaned and ready to use.

Once all repairs have been conducted, a stringent review and testing phase is undertaken before being returned to you for re-installation.

Siemens AC/DC Spindle Motor Repair:

Whether it’s a Siemens 1PH8, 1PH4 or 1PH7 spindle motor, our restoration process works to OEM standards and covers a wide variety of problems and faults.

Our vigorous testing process ensures we can expose a fault regardless of the type of spindle motor you have. Once the faults are outlined, our work can cover a wide range of faults, whether electrical (windings, encoders or feedback faults, replacing a cooling fan or a broken connector) or mechanical (a broken or worn out shaft, bearing or bearing housing).

We conduct tolerance tests on shafts and bearing configurations, and if required can source and replace necessary parts for your repair. Each stage of the process from machining to winding is completed in house. Once repaired we run all Siemens spindle motors on our test drives to verify that your unit is restored to its original specifications.

Siemens AC/DC Servo Drive Repair:

Alpha Electrics can repair both Siemens AC/DC servo drives and general purpose AC/DC drives. Our direct collaborative relationship with Siemens gives us access to a wide variety of spares for repair, and if we are unable to repair, we can supply new drives or arrange a service exchange.

When repairing your Siemens servo drive our engineers first locate the fault and then supply a quote and timeline for repair. Should your servo drive repair require a new AC or DC motor, our retrofitting service proves invaluable. Retrofitting a new motor to an existing servo drive is a great way of improving your servo drive’s control and precision output, and staying in line with any budget parameters.

Once all repairs are concluded, the drives are tested on our dedicated Siemens work bench against their original specification before being shipped back to you anywhere in the UK.

Siemens AC / DC Motor Repair:

Our repair work covers Siemens’ Semiotics range of AC/DC motors along with the majority of their older ranges.

Within a few hours of receiving your Siemens motor we concentrate on identifying faults and giving you the best timescale for repair. With an AC motor the fault could lie with windings failure or mechanical failure. With a DC motor, the issue could lie with armature failure, field windings, worn carbon brushes, tacho failure, cooling fans or housing failures.

All repairs are conducted via our Siemens repair facility, allowing us to complete critically important jobs within a 2-3 hour period (depending on the fault). Before dispatch, our engineers will test the motor to ensure it is working to original specification.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs