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Spindle Motor

Established in 1983, Teknomotor specialise in a wide range of solutions including robotics, CNC and edgebanding machines. For more than 20 years we have enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Teknomotor meaning we are able to quickly source and procure spare parts for tight deadlines.

Our specialist electric and mechanical testing facilities mean we are able to complete a wide variety of repair work on Teknomotor products.

Teknomotor Spindle Motor Repair:

Our spindle motor repair capability covers a wide variety of Teknomotor motors, including the manual, quick and automatic tool change models.

Firstly, we analyse your faulty spindle motor using our state of the art mechanical and electrical testing facility. This then allows us to identify problems ranging from sensor failures and windings, to balancing faults and broken mechanical parts.

Whether your fault is due to a low RPM output or faulty componentry, our Teknomotor trained team are well equipped to quickly conduct your repair at our UK workshop.

Once repaired, your spindle motor is then thoroughly tested and returned to you for reinstallation.

The repair of Teknomotor high frequency motors is typically completed in around 4 - 5 days, priority turnaround is available for business critical situations.

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs