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Vickers products are attributed to high levels of accuracy and performance, found mainly within precision industries and applications such as CNC machining. 

Alpha Electrics specialises in the repair of original Vickers models and ranges, including models which are now considered obsolete.

Alpha Electrics has enjoyed a longstanding 30-year relationship with Vickers, acquiring many hours of repair experience, and with our specialist testing facility can address a wide variety of problems and faults.

Looking to repair your Vickers motor or drive?

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1-Year Warranty On All Repairs
Vickers Servo Motor Repairs:

Alpha Electrics has a comprehensive repair service for your Vickers servo motor, and covers such models as the Fas K1-K2 range, MVB, MFB, ME, and MFE series 1 range.
We address a variety of Vickers servo motor issues including poor heat regulation, worn-out circuitry and components, contaminants, loss of positioning or set-up issues. All Vickers servo motors can be supported with brake assemblies, resolvers, force vent fans and encoders.

Our team starts the repair process with a thorough inspection of your Vickers servo highlighting all issues found in a quotation along with an estimation of timescale.

The average turnaround time for a Vickers servo motor is between 4 - 5 working days with a fast-tracked service available for business-critical scenarios. For your peace of mind, we provide you with a 1-year warranty on all repairs carried out.

If upon inspection, your Vickers servo motor can not be repaired, our team will quickly source a replacement through our procurement network at a competitive speed and price.