How Planned Maintenance Can Save Your Company Millions

Also known as predictive maintenance, planned maintenance on mechanical engines and other devices is one of the most effective ways to save a company a great deal of money while preventing potentially disastrous situations. There are four key reasons why planned maintenance can help your company save millions, alongside keeping major industrial equipment running smoothly…

The Power of Scheduling

From a logistical point of view within the industrial environment, scheduling is always an important concern. As opposed to on-the-spot repairs which may result in downtime, planning ahead for any maintenance tasks will enable management to schedule the most appropriate window which will not jeopardise production.

Proactive as Opposed to Reactive

Maintaining any engine is more logical than waiting for it to suffer a catastrophic failure. It is a well-known fact that regular examinations and upgrades are much better ways to negotiate a small problem before it evolves into a massive concern. Also, any problems tend to be solved much quicker and with minimal interruption to ongoing operations. This will save the company both time and money.

Cost-Effective Strategies

For larger machines which are under nearly constant stress, planned maintenance is particularly beneficial. It is often a fact that such machinery will work in tandem with many other units. Should one piece of equipment fail, the entire production system could break down. The result will be lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction. For larger equipment, regularly scheduling examinations and repairs (on a monthly basis, for instance) is an effective way to mitigate such circumstances.

Increased Mechanical Lifespans

It is much easier to maintain an existing engine and keep it running properly as opposed to replacing the entire unit. Of course, the financial savings are well worth such an effort. However, we should also recognise that a new unit may be difficult to integrate within existing systems while on-the-job training could likewise be necessary. Once again, this can result in a considerable amount of downtime as well as a significant financial investment.

For larger production facilities, planned maintenance can easily save a company millions of pounds each and every year. Perhaps more importantly, these savings will come at a fraction of the cost that a major breakdown would incur. Many mechanical issues are preventable with foresight and expertise. Planned maintenance offers both. These are the key reasons why such an approach is so critical in the modern industrial era.

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