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Quality Focus Part 1: ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the definitive, internationally-recognised quality standard. Companies that implement the standard will typically have a desire to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide services that meet their customers’ expectations, as well as the requirements of statutory and regulatory requirements. They will also often have a desire to enhance customer satisfaction through the effective implementation of their Quality Management System, including processes for identifying improvements.

And these are exactly the reasons for our commitment to ISO 9001. It has been nearly 25 years since Alpha Electrics first met the requirements of the standard and incorporated it into how we work as a business.

Our QMS is reviewed four times per year by our management team and all employees are expected to not only adhere to the procedures, but also encouraged to come forward with ways to improve things even further. This could be in response to customer feedback, new technology developments or improved and more efficient ways of working.

We have found time and again that our adoption of a QMS makes us very attractive to potential customers. It confirms that our promises will be more than adequately fulfilled, and gives them huge peace of mind.

“When looking for the right electric motor repair company, we wanted to use someone that had the same approach to quality that we do. We wanted a provider who would deliver on their promises, quickly gain our confidence and be constantly looking for ways to improve. When we discovered that Alpha possessed the ISO 9001 accreditation, it gave me and the other directors the confidence that we were in safe hands. And I am pleased to say, five years later, this confidence was well-placed.”
Senior Electrician
Hexcel Reinforcements

Here are some of the factors that we feel are demonstrated by our ISO 9001 status:

1. Consistency
We have heard plenty of horror stories from our customers over the years, and a lack of consistency is often the one that causes the most issues. All businesses will have problems relating to staff changes, breakdowns and finding the right supplier, not to mention issues caused by crises outside of their control such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic. However, a good QMS can mitigate many of these problems and give customers greater confidence.

2. Reduction in failures
An effective QMS should always have an inbuilt reviewing process, and ours is no exception to this. Any time a problem occurs in a process, or if one of our customers is dissatisfied with a service, then the sequence of events that led to this failure can be examined and the causes identified. We are then better prepared for this (or something similar) next time around.

3. Evidence-based change
All businesses need clear statistics and data to help them decide how to change and evolve. A QMS generates a real-world picture of all operational weak points and areas of concern, allowing management to remedy the situation in good time, rather than the problem going unseen and ultimately causing additional problems.

5. Continual improvement
Our QMS provides Alpha Electrics with a simple framework for implementing change within procedures and all members of staff are actively encouraged to make suggestions for improvement. This continual refinement of our system allows us to ensure excellence at every level.

6. Customer satisfaction
As any of our clients would hopefully testify, customer satisfaction is the maxim of our business. We regularly receive positive feedback from clients relating to projects being completed ahead of schedule, to a higher than expected standard, or with more professionalism, communication and planning throughout the process. We firmly believe that our QMS, and the ISO 9001 status, makes a statement about our ability to deliver and or commitment to do so in a high quality manner.

No other quality standard has the history and reputation that ISO 9001 enjoys. The certification can be traced all the way back to the World War II era, and received continual revision on a world-wide stage. Created by the international standards agency it has become the world’s best-known quality management system.

“ISO 9001 has been part of our business model for so long now, that it is hard to imagine life without it. Since we were first accredited in 1996, its principles of quality management, continual improvement and evidence-based change have been our focus, to the point that they are now very much part of Alpha Electrics’ DNA.”
Rajesh Patel, Company Director

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