Cooling Tower Maintenance

​Whatever your business, Alpha Electrics combines 20 years of cooling tower maintenance in order to keep your air at the right temperature and contaminant free.

Cooling Tower maintenance
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Free inspection and report
Repaired at our UK facility
1-year warranty

How It Works

Maintaining a healthy cooling tower is vital for its longevity. By keeping on top of regular inspections and maintenance plans, the compounding effect of wear and tear is greatly reduced. Alpha Electrics has over 20 years experience of repairing and replacing cooling tower specific motors.


If you or your building management team become aware of an issue, Alpha Electrics are here to help. Our team will review your BMS system to indicate the location of the fault and an on-site inspection of the tower itself will then take place by one of our accredited engineers. Access viability and public safety is factored in along with any specialist equipment required. Our engineer will then identify the issue and provide a quote, plan and timescale for repair.


A full on-site inspection is made to ascertain the nature of the fault. If basic onsite maintenance does not prove viable, specialist lifting equipment is used to move the tower and potentially remove parts to be repaired on-site. The nature of our repairs can be diverse, ranging from electrical repairs to preventing damage caused by condensation and water ingress in to the electric motors. Following the repair an annual inspection and maintenance plan can be discussed with your building manager.


Alpha Electrics’ cooling tower maintenance services come with a full 1-year warranty on our repairs and a suggested maintenance schedule is designed to help you prevent any emerging problems.

The Importance Of A High Quality Air Supply

High quality, clean and regular air flow is critical for any commercial & industrial business. The latest evidence suggests an optimum working temperature of around 22°C (71.6F). This range allows for better levels of concentration, and all round well being. 

Environments that prove too warm can lead to low productivity, dissatisfied customers, or uncomfortable staff. Environments that prove too cold can present health and safety hazards especially in industrial settings; for example, the loss of grip whilst operating an industrial machine in a workshop can lead to the loss of a finger, or worse! Separately, faults affecting a tower’s ability to sanitise its airflow can risk the spread of bacteria and viruses, something of supreme importance during our recent pandemic. Regular declogging of built up dirt, fungus or sludge from a tower’s filtering system can greatly help with optimum hygiene.

Longevity Through Regular Maintenance

At Alpha Electrics we place a heavy emphasis on prevention rather than cure, so the type of issues that typically plague a cooling tower can be easily prevented with regular inspection and maintenance programs. Regular maintenance keeps drive belts and bearings free of excessive wear and tear, and adds longevity to water seals preventing corrosion and water damage. 

Another service Alpha Electrics specialise in is improving a tower’s energy efficiency rating through usage (eg. varying the consumption levels of different floors of a building) with the use of IE3 efficiency motors and drives. We can replace older motors with more energy efficient ones helping your business energy efficient. 

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

The Alpha Electrics 1-year Warranty on all cooling tower repairs gives you peace of mind and reassurance in the work we carry out on your uni. In the unlikely event of a fault relating to our repair, we will revisit us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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