Fan Unit Repairs

Fan units provide a vital service to a multitude of building types, such as hotels, offices, apartments, gyms, entertainment venues and industrial businesses. Our team are highly experienced in repairing, maintaining and replacing fan units for both large and small projects.

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Free inspection and report
Repaired at our UK facility
1-year warranty

How It Works

In the event of a planned unit overhaul or the identification of a fault, Alpha Electrics will send one of our accredited engineers to conduct an inspection. A quote is then generated based on the setup and scale of work. Once the quote has been accepted our first step is to schedule a maintenance date to ensure minimal disruption to your business, we then begin stripping out the fan units, and assess the problem and any damage caused.

We can then draw up a plan of how we intend to carry out the required repair at your facility. In all our repair work, public safety, access and cleanliness is factored in with considerable detail. Alpha Electrics' qualified technicians get to work and can quickly order in any spares or replacement parts, motors or units if required.


We conduct a detailed survey of your unit taking into consideration access viability, age and health of existing units. Once we have determined the basics we generate a quote outlining, if any, the number of units that require repair. We also consider scale of setup, the complexity of the work itself, an estimation with regards to timeline and any additional part or component cost outlined.


Our skilled technicians then arrive on your scheduled date and begin stripping out your fan units out and making a damage assessment on each one, reviewing the nature of the problem to see which parts need replacing or repairing. Any additional parts required can then be ordered through our global manufacturer network.


Your serviced fan unit comes with a full 1-year warranty. Each one of our warranties are designed to assure you that your newly repaired fan unit remains functional all year round.

A Wide Variety Of Applications Throughout The UK

A well maintained fan unit plays a crucial role in keeping the air clean and pollutant-free in both commercial and industrial environments.

In the commercial sector, fan units help reduce humidity in gyms and leisure centres, extract smoke and vapours in large kitchens, and regulate temperatures in the office workplace. In the industrial workplace fan units help to regulate internal temperatures of large, active machines and extract dust & smoke from environments such as industrial furnaces.

Common Problems With Fan Units

Whether a commercial or industrial setting, fan units are intensive and hard working and over time can encounter a range of problems. These fan units often attract dirt and dust particles easily which in turn stick to the blades, causing them to shift position and prevent free movement. 

This has a knock-on effect causing wear and tear with the internal bearings, which can lead to overheating, mechanical seizures and potentially electrical malfunctions.

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

The Alpha Electrics 1-year Warranty on all fan repairs gives you peace of mind and reassurance in the work we carry out on your unit. In the unlikely event of a fault relating to our repair, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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