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Industrial Electric Motor Rewinds & Repairs

Our industry expertise allows us to carry out highly skilled and technical repairs of most electric motors and/or drives. We give you access to our professional and friendly technical service team who go above and beyond to provide you with a solution and ensure your business is not impacted.

Our modern facility with knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified engineers has a fully equipped workshop that allows us to complete motor repairs in short timescales on-site.

Some of the motors we can repair, or services we offer are as follows:

     ✓ AC Motor repairs
     ✓ Pump Motor Repairs
     ✓ Brake Motor repairs
     ✓ DC Motor repairs
     ✓ Gearbox repairs
     ✓ Pump Motor repairs
     ✓ Linear Scale repairs
     ✓ Ball Screw repairs
     ✓ Transformer rewind and repairs

We specialise in Servo and spindle motor repair and we are one of the main Servo motor repairers in the Midlands.