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From air conditioning and cooling towers to conveyor belts and pumps, variable speed drives offer a great way of regulating varying levels of power input into your system.

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How it Works

We take everything in to consideration when sourcing a new Variable Speed Drive. We include things like power and output requirements and the physical space it will be housed in. We also take into account your budget for the project and aim to get you the best variable speed drive for your needs at the best possible price. With an extensive supply network, we can deliver your chosen variable speed drive to you anywhere in the world. If it is not in stock, delivery will be between same-day-4 days. Alpha Electrics can also assist with on-site support, installation and commissioning if required.


The process begins with an investigation into the type of variable speed drive you require and why. Whether you are looking for a replacement drive for an existing system, or in the process of planning out the infrastructure for a new project.

Discovery & Specification

Our discovery phase investigates your initial requirements and specification in greater detail. We will take the time to understand the type of system the drive will be used in, the number of motors it must support, and what torque and power efficiency requirements you have. Our proposal will outline the brand and what level of output should be achieved. The area in which the drive will be placed, along with the shape and size of the proposed drive, are also considered when recommending the drive for your project.

Sourcing & Delivery

The final stage is discussing the exact specification with potential suppliers to ensure they can supply you with a suitable drive, to match your requirements and budget. Once we have feedback from potential suppliers, we will provide you with our recommendations on the perfect brand and model. Once approved, will place an order for you.

What to consider when looking for a new variable speed drive:

Sourcing the most appropriate variable speed drive for your system can be a daunting task., However, Alpha Electrics have a broad knowledge base and supplier network that allows us to explore each possibility when required.

When looking for a variable speed drive, understanding its holistic role within the system you are planning or upgrading, will help determine what kind of model will work best for your business. This is no easy task, however with our combined knowledge base of complex electrical and engineering systems,  Alpha Electrics will help you factor in everything you need to know before sourcing the right drive for you.

Outstanding service whatever the brand:

The Alpha Electrics team are official authorised distributors with over 20 years of experience working across a variety of industries. We have direct relationships with reputable brands including:

Drive and motor sourcing for new projects

Variable speed drives play a major role within large scale operations from building management, to manufacturing and conveyance (as found in airports or postal sorting houses). We have supported systems designers at universities and large brands to source drives and motors for their research and development projects. 

For example: planning motor infrastructure of new machinery to support brands such as Formula 1 and British Airways. Sourcing the right variable speed drive is an important investment for any new project and Alpha Electrics have a wealth of experience to help.

Sourcing a variable speed drive as a replacement

It is not uncommon to require a replacement speed drive for your existing system, our clients often approach us for replacements in situations such as:

– Increased need for energy efficiency

– Current model needs to be housed in a smaller surround

– Changes to machinery that require different speed (RPM) ranges

– Advanced motor monitoring and protection

– Better process control with auto feedback and external demand signalling

– Obsolete models requiring replacements

– Damaged componentry from power overloads or environmental hazards

A well sourced variable speed drive can be considered a good investment in providing longevity and improved future use.

1-Year Warranty On Your Newly Sourced Variable Speed Drive

The Alpha Electrics 1-year warranty on all variable speed drives gives you peace of mind and reassurance in performance. In the unlikely event of a fault, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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