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Why The Tesla Battery Will Disrupt Global Business

The announcement of the Tesla battery has had huge implications for the future of home energy, but it also has the potential to disrupt and transform the very foundations and landscapes of businesses around the world. Tesla essentially wants to “move the electricity grid off of fossil fuels and towards renewable sources” so that we can focus on a “cleaner, smaller and more resilient energy grid”. However this can not be done in one single, systematic move which is why Tesla has introduced Tesla Energy as a way of weaning homes and businesses off of fossil fuels and steering them towards a cleaner and improved energy grid.

So what are the implications of Tesla Energy for businesses? In an age of depleting resources and technological innovation, businesses are choosing to make more conscious decisions regarding sustainability and corporate waste. Tesla batteries focus on storing solar energy that gets collected during the day which would help businesses reach their mission. The battery application used for businesses will be called a “powerpack”, the equivalent to the home’s “powerwall” application but it will simply operate on a larger scale.

Save money on energy expenses during peak hours:

Tesla energy storage could greatly increase efficiency within a business as it would provide solar power at all times and store excess energy for peak usage hours, therefore reducing the expense of peak demand energy bills whilst making use of the “full potential of their facility’s solar arrays”.

Help countries switch from grid electricity to solar electricity:

Certain countries that have high exposure to sunlight could also benefit greatly from Tesla Energy. There are already countries that provide cheaper solar electricity to homes and businesses than grid electricity, for example Australia, Italy and Spain. However they also have limited ability to sell solar power back to the grid, which could all change with the introduction of Tesla energy storage. In the long run, we could see a boom in economic efficiency within these countries as they begin adopting a more energy efficient approach.

Eliminate power outages and boost economic efficiency in developing countries:

In terms of developing countries, Tesla could also help businesses subvert the conventional electricity grid that dictates much of the western world. Africa in particular could see Tesla as having the potential to transform efficiency within businesses as it would eliminate major issues such as power outages. Due to stable climate conditions in these countries, businesses would also gain stability from Tesla as solar energy favours these conditions that aren’t found in other countries around the world.

Allow businesses to become more flexible and mobile:

There is also the idea that businesses can become much more mobile as they would not be tied down to the grid which could prove useful for jobs that aren’t office based, but it could also provide the opportunity for more businesses to open up locations in areas they might not have been able to in the past.

Tesla Close-up

Whatever the implications, it is clear that businesses will benefit from the Tesla battery and the cheaper these batteries become in future, the more widespread these benefits will be to people and companies around the world.

Images: http://www.teslamotors.com/en_GB/presskit

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